Laser Cut Folding Carton Dies

All dies are generated on our CimPACK C.A.D. system and sent directly to the laser for cutting. The rule is prepared for insertion on the rule processors while the die is being cut. Dies can also be broached reducing the number of joints giving greater cutting consistency. All dies can be pre-nicked using the nicking facility on our rule processors and are "press ready" on completion.

Laser Cut Flatbed Corrugated Dies

Corrugated dies and stripping units produced for all Bobst SPO machines with full center-line II specification. Roller Press, Auto/semi-auto platen dies are also manufactured for the corrugated industry.

High Rule Dies

Cutting dies are manufactured for Blister Pack/Vacuum Forming using rule up to 100mm in height. Blades also produced for the aluminium blade blocks.

Phenolic Make-ready Counters

Counters are machined on both our combination plotter and router tables. For cutting dies with embossing, the male embossing force may be located in the counter by two methods, push-fit and slide-fit (See EMBOSSING).


Newline Dies produce cutting dies with single pass embossing tooling. The female embossing is produced on a full depth polyacethal block and inserted in to the laser cut aperture in the dieboard. The male embossing (male force) is produced on a brass plate and can be located accurately and quickly on the phenolic counter using two methods – Press/push-fit and Slip-fit.

An EU Directive has stated that all authorised pharmaceutical packaging must include the product name in Braille on all outer packaging. The location method we use on our counters ensure faster make-ready times on dies that require braille embossing.

Press-fit location involves machining a "snug-fit" aperture in the counter which locates the male force with an adhesive backing.

Slip-fit involves machining the counter on both sides allowing the specially machined plate to "slide/slip" in to the counter on the plate. Using this method, male forces may be interchangeable using just one set of counters. There is no need for adhesive backing as the plate is held in by the counter (see illustrations).

Stripping Units

Newline Dies produce tooling for both conventional and dedicated (speed stripping). Tools can also be manufactured to suit each customer's specific requirements sometimes using a variety of stripping methods to achieve the best results – block stripping, claw/tab combination, claw/chamfer. Our dedicated software allows us to easily customise the tooling.

Blanking Tools

Blanking tools are manufactured using a universal aluminium frame with full steel or wood/steel combination grid inserts. Our dedicated CimPACK blanking C.A.D. software allow us to create the blanker design quickly, outputting the various parts to benders, routers and lasers.

Sample making/Laser cutting service

Samples cut for all solid board types and all corrugated board up to tri-wall. We can laser cut on a wide variety of materials including, wood, plastics. Please call or email for more details.